How to Clone Your WordPress Blog in Under 2 Minutes Using COMPLETELY FREE Software…

Before Anything Else, Take a Look a This Quick Video Demonstration.

Compatible with WordPress 3.0

If you setup multiple WordPress blogs, then you know how time consuming it can be to install plugins, themes and setup the permalink structure in just the way you like it.

An easy way has been discovered to do just this.

Two FREE pieces of software that you install will have your sites duplicated in no time. Once installed, you can clone sites in under 2 minutes flat.

Here’s what you can clone or copy over to another location, on a different server even.

  • WordPress Themes
  • Plugins
  • Permalinks
  • Settings

The options are endless! And this is NOT just for WordPress.

You can copy from or to any possible combination.

  • From top level domain (TLD) to TLD
  • From TLD to sub-domain
  • From sub-domain to sub-directory
  • Copy across servers
  • You get the picture!

If you believe that “Time = Money” then you will save both here. Other software available to do the same is available for $100 and more. But you first have to manually install WordPress in order for it to be cloned. Not with my method, it’s works with Fantastico installs as easily as a straight install.

Here’s what you get:

  • Powerpoint Presentation Overview
  • 15 minute step by step video
  • A follow along workbook in pdf format

Some More Tools To Get You More Productive!
Included For a Limited Time, Really!

I just picked up the rights to WP-Simplicity, a WordPress plugin that allows you to install any plugin you want with one click. 140 are pre-installed for you already. ** You only get WP-Simplicity, not the WP-Simplicity Add Post ( Don’t Have the Rights to That, Sorry :()

Here’s a quick video I shot!

WP-List Pro: “Forces” your blog commentators to subscribe to your list!

WP List Pro

My personal excel spreadsheet to create up to 20 subdomains on my hostgator hosting account with just one click!

Excel Sub Domain Spreadsheet

Here’s what a few of the buyers have said about my method to easily have your WordPress Cloned.

Anyone who sets up multiple WordPress sites will want to pick this up. This process is brain dead easy, in 15 minutes you’ll have learned how to clone WP sites. And you’ll be able to clone them, after learning how, in just a few minutes.
Dennis Becker from

Very, very good.
You could have saved me some $$ if I had had your free solution several months ago!
Michael Gunn from

Wow! I’ve just successfully done my first WP clone and it worked like a treat. I just wanted to say thanks for saving me a boat load of time and money. This works great.
Keep up the brilliant work.
All the very best
Phillip Kebbell from

If you use WordPress for niche sites or anything else, you would be crazy to pass up this offer. In under two minutes you can have your WordPress plugins, settings, permalink structure, and themes cloned to another site for far less than paying for overpriced software that may or may not work.

You pay a small one time payment and the method is yours for life!,

  • No licensing fee.
  • No limit on how many WordPress blogs you can clone.
  • No yearly fees.

If you setup WordPress Niche Blogs, or Review type blogs, than this is a must have. You can spend hundreds for an automatic solution, that may or may nor work, or you can spend a lot less on a semi-automatic solution that will get the job done in under 2 minutes.

I’ve been told that I should be charging $50 or more for this, and I have just raised the price and may raise it again, but for now, it’s available for just $15 as a TEST price.

Just $15 for Full Access

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Wishing You “Speedy” Success!

Joe Hernandez

P.S.: You will be so glad you can finally stop trying to manually clone your sites the hard way. Don’t spend weeks trying to “figure it out” let me show you how it’s easily done.

P.S.S.: Are you looking for a Free WordPress Installation Service. This may be the answer for you.